Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Learning Ruby On Rails: 2 Days Left!!

Getting down to the wire, this is where all the work pays off. I love a good deadline, just the name alone is inspiring, makes me get more creative.

Well a lot of people have been asking me if they think I'll get hired or not and my response is always the same, an enthusiastic "Yes!" ...I wouldn't be pushing as hard as I have if I didn't believe with all my heart I could get hired doing it.

I can't wait for Thursday the 23rd to come, I say bring the future!

I'm meeting with David Bock one of the partners of Code Sherpas tomorrow for an overall code review on how I'm doing as a Junior RoR developer and in what areas I can improve.

I'm excited about meeting David on Wednesday and I'll let you know what kind of feedback I get.

Once I finish my day job in a few hours it's back to coding, gotta' make some magic happen before Thursday :-)