Sunday, May 19, 2013

Day: 209...only 4 days left!!

4 days left till the deadline on May 23rd, 7 months from when I started learning Ruby on Rails.

I had a very productive week got a lot done on the site my 3rd attempt I should add :-)  I'm working on getting the font to look exactly how I want it to right now. 

 Although it's probably not exactly how Css is supposed to be done. I am very proud to be doing it all from scratch on my own and not using something like Twitter Bootstrap.

I put in just over 26 hours this week, I am totally addicted to coding whether  I'm really good or not remains to be decided, either way I really enjoy coding just the same :-)

I have just over 640 hours total so far studying since I started October 23rd. Its funny the more I learn the more things there are still to learn, and the more I want to know more. It feels sort of like an alcoholic who knows he should quit but just can't  :-)

Just finished playing Hungry Hippos with my little guys now they are in bed. Time to get some more coding in. Till tomorrow- Josh