Friday, May 3, 2013

Learning Ruby on Rails Day: 192 = 575.75 hours!

I haven't forgotten to blog. I was just hoping to have things more finished, and have a little better news to report then the actually truth :-)

I've studied 15.75 hours this week so far not including today so that's pretty good. This week has been a week of errors, which is probably more what real life development is going to be, like I'd imagine. I've probably remade my friend's website over from scratch about 12 -15 times now, and yes I can whip out the site pretty darn fast now.

The 80/20 rule seems to be true in everything in life, 80% of the site is done and not very difficult to do. However the other 20% has been giving me heck. I can easily get my application to send emails, but then it was sending empty emails, or the email wouldn't send till the next day. When I did get it 100% working Heroku decided to have fun with me and not let the site work on there server :-)

It's all good, I'm not discouraged, I wanted to give an amazing update and really positive news, however the truth is, I've been struggling with errors,  getting the mailer and  Flickr API to work properly. No need to fear, after work today, I'm driving 40 miles to pair program with a friend into the whee hours of the night...Rails will be defeated!

On the positive, I'm learning a lot of basic errors, and when I read the error messages I'm feeling less scared and more confident that I can figure the error out, even if it takes a while.

No more time for dilly dallying, Onward and Upward Peeps,...Time to show Rails who's boss! - Josh