Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 213 = WoW!

For the next 2 weeks I'll be featuring my Launch Website:
Check it out!!

Sorry I haven't blogged I've been recovering from this whirlwind like experience from the last few days. I ended up staying up on Wednesday the day before my site launched from 7:55p.m. to 4:40a.m. working on it, then got up at 6:45a.m. to go meet with +David Bock for a code review/DNS help session.

I then went and shod horses, went directly from my last stop up to the Arlington Ruby Meetup to hear David Bock speak (which was awesome, learned a ton!). I got home and stayed up till 3:30a.m. fixing 2 errors and checking my DNS issues. Thursday morning I launched the site with only a slight glitch.

Thursday morning my kids got hold of my glasses and broke them, I had to go to an eye appointment, glue my frames together than go and shoe horses all day. Finally got home, responded to some people, tried to watch a show with my wife and crashed. My wife has been SOO awesome, encouraging, and supportive, throughout this entire learning journey, especially this past week.

I really think you need that constant support of a loved one, partner, or mentor to keep going even when you are exhausted or discouraged, and not to allow "Life" to take over and forget about your goal.

I will be giving an update to how job hunting is going for me on June 6th,  2 weeks from the launch date. A lot of people have been asking me how it's going, I think I am the guinea pig of self taught RoR's and I think alot of people want to see if what I'm doing will actually pan out in the end with an actual job offer.......oh the tension you'll just have to wait for June 6th and then I will spill the beans :-)

Thank you so much for every one's ongoing support, I was blown away by the retweets and the amount of traffic my blog got (The highest ever by far). I also got personal feedback on how I my site could be improved from the great @coreyhaines! Totally blown away! This morning David Bock told me to look at Ruby5 and see the latest podcast  and there I am mentioned on Ruby5! How cool is that, 7 months ago I barely knew how to 'cd' into a directory and now this!

I am so grateful, and so blessed to have such an awesome group of people to help and cheer me on, and the ever amazing RoR community!

I hope I don't sound cocky, I have always wanted to pull this off just to show others that are in a similar situation that it can be done....I'm feeling like that dream is getting closer to a reality! -Josh