Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Learning Ruby on Rails: 9 Days left!!

I will make this brief as I need to really keep working right now, but I want to keep giving updates. I'm working on the May 23rd "Top_Secret Surprise". I am on my second attempt after not liking my first attempt 17 commits into it.

Round 2 is going well, more clarity with what I want. I am going to be using Javascript in this site, which will be my first time in a real site instead of tutorials.

Man I love a tough deadline, it makes me super creative! I will not be showing any photos of the site's progress as I don't want to give away what it is I am making, so I decided to show you my other office. My outdoor office, where I go to when I'm not coding:

Watch "Day at the office" on YouTube

I'm currently on a Github high, 19 days of straight commits will make anyone feel good :-) Keep coding peeps, we are almost there :-) - Josh