Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Learning Ruby on Rails Day: 217 "Custom Cartoon" :-)

Lots going on here, I have had several different things trying to steal my time this week, from my kids getting my glasses and breaking them to getting called to do speciality shoeing for a Vet.
In my head I'm always thinking: "Okay, I'll do this to make some money, but I need to get home and get coding or else I'm going to fall behind".

I don't want to be a spammy kind of person and always be asking people for retweets and stuff, so this Thursday Is the last time I'm going to be asking to retweet "Please hire me". I hate when all people say is "Look at me! Look at me!" If you want to retweet on other days I'd love it, but I won't be pushy and asking you all the time.

This week in Virginia it's going to be 90 degrees or hotter, when I got home today from shoeing I kept saying to my wife: "What's that smell...oh wow that's me" :-) 

Totally excited to be working on making my own web crawler/search engine. I want to know Ruby better and not just as a "copy and paste" type of thing, I want to know it like a comfy pair of socks, something I look forward toward versus dread.

Thank you for your continued support and encouragement,  I have been shocked by all the kindness! I've included a cartoon I just made below, I used to be a caricature artist at a large theme park and I used to draw cartoons for a local newspaper as a teenager. If the cartoon sucks just let me know and I won't bore you with anymore of my corny nerd cartoons :-)