Saturday, May 4, 2013

Learning Ruby on Rails Day 193: Talking to Flickr's API

VICTORY! last post I told you I wish I had some really upbeat positive news, but I didn't have any. Well last night that changed, I have officailly used my first API, Flickr.

Learning to read the Flickr API documentation took a while for me and was a little bit of a learning curve, but I feel like now I get the general idea of how they work, so I feel really good about that.

I have my friend's site that I'm building call Flickr's API and get his most recent photo uploads and then put the photos in his portfolio page of his website. Now in thereoy anyway I have the site done, it's just a matter of assembling everything together and make sure it's still all working. Still need to put a little "spit and polish" on the site's Css and then deploy it to Heroku, but I feel like the trickiest part of this site is behind me.

20.25 hours of studying so far this week,  my wife's is out of town for the day at a conference, so it's my turn to watch the kiddos today, going to take them to see the grandparents, hopefully the little buggers will sleep at some point and I'll get some studying in today.

Hey, just met a really cool fellow traveler on the journey of learning Ruby on Rails @_ZPH. The man is hard core he's made some serious stuff, what I love about his journey is we are both working full time jobs as we are learning RoR. Check out his blog at

Time to feed the boys some breakfast then head down to the gramps. Study peeps! - Josh