Sunday, December 9, 2012

Code Retreat!

Yesterday was awesome at Code retreat, I learned a ton and I really see the value of practicing pair programming with others. I was incredibly out of my comfort zone, and was such a noob, compared to who I was working with. One note if you decide to go to Code Retreat next year: Know a language or at least brush up on your language the day before.

As you all know I've been learning to be a RoR developer but, mainly focusing on the framework Rails at first, and not so much on Ruby as of yet. Now I do like the strategy I've been using but, when it comes to Code Retreat, you're not using frameworks, you're using languages so I ended up not keeping up as well as I had wanted to.

All in all though I increased my knowledge, learned about testing, ping pong testing, and was exposed to several other languages such as C and Java. I'm currently taking Udacity's CS 101 course at the moment, but, I am really getting the itch to build something, I'm thinking of an App possibly for Andriod. Not 100% sure yet, but by January 1st. 2013 I promise to start working on making something, wether it be a blog , website or an app.-Tomorrow-Josh