Friday, December 7, 2012

Delete is my new favorite word:)

My dear fellows, I suck:) I really don't know anything about programming or actually much about anything :) I however love it. I love where I am at, I love the pure joy of grasping a new concept:)

 I have been bitten by the programming bug and it is no respecter of your color, creed, standing in life,  skill level,or for that matter your abilities. When the coding bug bites, it bites hard and deep, and you are hopelessly scarred for life. I am my friends bitten, scarred for life, but with little ability (at least at this point) to actually program.

So I have decided:

I will continue and finish the Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial, however after this I will actually be taking a step back. As I have slowed WAY down on the speed of which I go through the tutorial and really try to grasp things, I've realized I really need to get a better handle of some basic concepts. Then plunge back into Rails, I have not forsaken you oh Rails. I have tried to learn your ways and have come away naked and ashamed. Thou art a worthy opponent, that has beaten me with your active records, Ruby, and Validators.


My tail may be tucked between my legs for now, but I shall rise with a vengeance after I have regrouped and licked my wounds. Your day of defeat is surely coming, when I shall beat you and trod you under foot you insolent dog you.

 After trying to understand Rails more and more I've realized I need to get a better Computer Science Foundation and not rush things. If I'm not a developer in 6 months then so be it, but I want to one day be a really good developer and not a hacked together piece of crap.

 I'm thinking of taking one of courses probably CS 101. I've always wanted to but always thought "But this isn't RoR" but, in fact it is, if I don't comprehend the basics how can I grasp more and more abstract concepts. I was going to start making a complicated blog as my next learning assignment, but for now I think I'll take a step back to the basics.-Tomorrow-Josh