Friday, December 21, 2012

Programming Mentors

I can not say it enough: If you are serious about becoming a RoR developer than you absolutely must go onto and join several RoR groups and Open Hacker nights. I became stuck again on my mobile app when switching over to jquery mobile, and thankfully after attending the "South Arlington Hacker Space Night" I was unstuck.

I swear I saved 2 weeks of time thanks to Colin MacDonald, getting me unstuck. Just by being at the meetup, it feels like I absorb knowledge and coding lingo. I spent 2 days googling error messages, without being able to fix the problem, so it's not a matter of just being lazy, but it saves alot of wasted unproductive time.

I strongly recommend having a mentor or at least someone you can ask for help when absolutely stuck. Going solo is not the way to go. One of the reasons I go to meetups is just to learn new concepts and ideas, the other is to get help if I'm stuck on an issue. It's also really cool to talk to other people and hear stuff they are working on.-Stay Curious-Josh