Monday, December 3, 2012

Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial- START OVER:(

After sleeping last night, and Acupuncture this afternoon, I feel much better about messing up all my progress on the Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial:) I have decided to start over from the beginning of the tutorial, which I am now happy about, I'll explain my thoughts below:

Yesterday's: DARK THOUGHTS:

* " I suck, I can't believe I messed this up."
* " I've been doing this tutorial forever, I'm never gonna' finish, I should just copy and paste."
* " I'm never gonna' get everything down."
* " This looks bad, anyone reading must think I'm sooo slow."

Today's: THOUGHTS:

* " It doesn't matter if it takes me a long time to finish the tutorial, it's not about copying and pasting really fast to finish. It's about Comprehension and grasping the concepts well, which takes time.

* " Is it better to blaze through lots of tutorials and "look busy" or to really "get it" and keep studying and not worry about how many tutorials I've done."

* " I LOVE PROGRAMMING...I don't care if it takes me the rest of my life to learn RoR, I enjoy the language and learning, so at some point I should hopefully be good enough to be employed as a Junior RoR Developer, so until then. Study, Study, Study.

If anyone else is studying RoR, and needs help or a studying partner, e-mail or twitter me, I'd love to help. If anyone has any suggestions or advice, on anything regarding learning RoR, I'd love it if you left it in the comments. Thanks for Reading my Ramblings:) -Tomorrow -Josh