Sunday, December 23, 2012

Mobile App Making: Part 3

I've got everything working well on Rhodes, the only exception being if I change an app in RhoStudio, then go look at it from the command line running 'rake run:android' they won't match. I'm guessing it has something to do with proper syncing but other than that everything is going fairly well. I found a pretty cool Rhodes tutorial on how to make a simple Rss Feed reader . I started it, then downloaded his code to see if I could mimic his code for a different Rss Feed. Great idea but so far no luck, but I'm encouraged just to be fiddling around in the mobile arena:)

I'm thinking of making my own website soon for Cody and I to put our information on and maybe some stuff we build, maybe like a free downloads page. I've also come to the conclusion that everything is always hardest at the start. Whether it's installing software, getting in shape, or running a business. It seems that if you can just push through no matter how hard or steep the learning curve may be, then if you hang on you'll achieve impressive things. That's how it's been with getting everything to just work on the Rhomobile Framework, now that everything functions fairly well it should be nice to just jump in and make something.

I on lesson 15 on Zed Shaw's "Learn Ruby The Hard Way" book. I highly recommend it to anyone learning Ruby. I'm going to try to get some Rss Reader App working in the next coming week. - Josh