Sunday, December 2, 2012

South Arlington Space Hacker

Went to the South Arlington Space Hacker. I was totally impressed I don't think I've ever been in a room full of that smart of people before, learned so much and had so much fun. Sorry for missing a day posting. I'm at 16 hours of studying for the week so far, had one day I was super sick and the other I was lazy and watched '24' with my wife.

However I am planning a long pair programming session with my brother Cody tomorrow so I expect to meet the 21 hour minimum. Despite a few setbacks, this has been a very productive week, I've gotten stuck and unstuck more times than I'd like to admit, but with each Google search my knowledge bank is getting just that tiny amount better, so I am happy.

I debated on saying anything, for fear of being critical but I feel it is my duty to speak the truth to help out other aspiring RoR developers:

I am very disappointed with Mattan Griffel''s Skillshare class "One Month Rails". I finished the entire 3 week course in 2 days, with hardly any sweat. The only sweat I did have was from a Gemfile error of his. In the "Learn to Code: One Month Rails" Promo on Skillshare's website, Mattan promises to:

  • How I learned to code using Ruby on Rails in less than one month with NO experience (and went on to win a 300-person hackathon by myself!) and how you can too
  • The secret resources that developers don't tell other people about that can cut down the time to build your product by over 50%
  • How you can be in demand, get job offers from almost every company you talk to, work from home and finally have the life you've always dreamed of. 

This class falls grossly short, and that's not just my opinion I met up with a couple fellow students and they both felt that the class was WAY over hyped and did not deliver. 
Now I don't have any problem with making good money teaching a class,($30,000 in this case) but, what bothers me is this class is basically chapters 1 & 2 of Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial.

 I tweeted Mattan to ask if he was going to have anymore on Freelancing or how to cut your time to build your product by 50%, and his exact words were "Come again?". I waited a couple days to wait and see if he'd say anything more, but clearly that's not the case.

So here's my warning to anyone who is thinking about taking this class in the future: If you'd like someone to help you through the first Chapter or so of Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial, than by all means sign up, otherwise order Michael Hartl's Rails Screen Casts.

Anyway had to get that off my chest. I am in love with coding and making GREAT progress, I have 1 error to get through tomorrow(since it's 1a.m. now) and then I will be on Chapter 7 of Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial:)-Tomorrow-Josh