Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Yesterday I went to NOVA ruby's "ARdrone Hacking" in which we saw/watched/suggested what code to run to get the drone to fly up or down left or right or what have you, very interesting and informative. My favorite part however was talking to Keith, and Andrew about some issues I was having with the rails console and database, and the problem with lesson 10 in the "gosu" Gem game. Keith was able to find the error in about 5 seconds:) I was missing " , :laser" in the attr_accessor in player.rb. Apparently that's the error in the original code.

 Enjoying Mattan Griffel's Skillshare class, it's supposed to take roughly 3 weeks. but I already finished first of 3 sections. so now I'm on to number 2, it's basically sorta' like a Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial just a little different, at least so far, that may very well change.

We are making a web application as are assignment for the class, I've decided to make a blog for myself, I'm not sure if I'll end up actually hosting it. I think I would have to buy my own domain, which would then be kind of confusing to switch over, we'll see, but I'll put it up on Github by the end of class.

Hey if anyone knows of any upcoming Hackathons in the general D.C. area please let me know, in the next month or so my brother Cody and I are going to try and compete in one, I'm sure we'll lose but, who cares experience is what we want at first.- Till tomorrow-Josh