Saturday, November 24, 2012

Turkey Day fail:(

Good news and bad news. Good news is Wednesday my brother Cody and I did pair Programming for 7 hours, it was AWESOME!!! learned a ton. Bad news I didn't study any on Thanksgiving. I did 3 .5 hours of pair programming with Cody last night. and have determined to give up on the 'gosu' Gem game, we have decided their are most certainly coding logic errors, we even copied and pasted the author's code to no avail, we stayed up till 1:15a.m. working on it. We are moving on to the Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial, I'm on Chapter 5.

The other bad news, I am not studying tonight, I am exhausted from last night, my little 11 month old was sick and got my wife and I up every hour, I'm not super proud of this week, but I still love coding I'm just so tired, tomorrow I will hit the ground running.

So excited to be doing Skillshare's "Learn Rails in a Month." it starts on the 26th.-Tomorrow- Josh