Monday, November 19, 2012

Can you quit your job and become a ROR developer?...this guy is doing just that!

If you want to become a RoR developer or are in the process of learning, then you need to read this guy's blog: It's awesome and inspiring to see someone take a risk, quit their job and work hard at a goal, and I'm sure ultimately achieve it:)

Well it's the end of another week, I feel pretty good about my overall understanding and growth. I've been learning ROR for 26 days now, almost 1 month, I decided to post my official Mac Stickie notes, showing how I've been logging my time, since it's been basically 1 month.

1ST Week Oct. 23rd-Oct.28th = 14hrs.

Monday = the 29th =                         1HR.
TUESDAY = the 30th =                     2 HRS
WEDNESDAY = the 31st =              3 HRS
Thursday = Nov. 1st. =                     2.5HRS
Friday - November 2nd=                  3HRS
Saturday- November 3rd =             0.5hrs
Sunday- November 4th =               2.5hrs

2nd week Oct.29th-Nov.4th = 14.5hrs

Monday, Nov. 5th =                       6hrs.
Tuesday, Nov.6th =          2hrs
Wednesday Nov. 7th =   3hrs.
Thursday Nov. 8th =     2hrs.
Friday Nov. 9th =     3 hrs.
Saturday Nov.10th =                       4hrs.
Sunday Nov. 11th =                        3 hrs.

3rd week Nov.5th-11th =              23 hrs

MONDAY NOV.12TH        =     5HRS.

4th week total nov. 12th-18th = hrs. 23 HOURS

*************TOTAL HOURS =  75.5 HRS**************

                26 Days = 75.5 hours Total

                    2.90 Hours per day

Sorry, I apologize if it looks kind of weird, this is exactly how it looks on my Mac. 

I studied with my brother Cody today and worked on our game plan for becoming RoR developers and the 'Gosu" Gem, which went well, although not completed. I think we're both basically gonna' finish the Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial, then (or at the same time) do the Rails Skillshare class, then each of us build our own blogs using RoR, then possibly build my wife a custom blog for her blog '', then we may make a simple mobile app, and then start doing some low level Hackathons together. That's the our plan roughly for now, of course any or all of it could change but I'm dying to do a Hackathon at some point, even if we finish last I don't care as long as we end up learning stuff from the experience:)- Till Tomorrow-Josh