Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Wow Git Submodules are wierd, tricky, and confusing...

Just after I gave Github the death blow, it springs back to life and attacks me with a dirty weapon called "Submodules", I feel like I need to be a Unix System Admin. to know how to find the darn right file and then remove not just in one place but several.

I have not conquered this beast, but I will and you will be the first to know when I have conquered.

Also on other fronts, I kept trying to; 'git push heroku master' with no luck only an error. I then decide to close the terminal and try again, BINGO! MAGIC! So I can't explain why, but the whole "Have you tried turning it off and re-starting it thing really works sometimes".

On another note, I just realized I had accidently saved 2 posts awhile ago and never posted, so I did last night. Also crazy stuff happens to your mind around midnight, I'm beginning to realize, like accidently deleting a file when you thought you were moving it, do to your brain not getting enough oxygen and telling your hands to type an entirely different message than the one I wanted.-Tomorrow -Josh

P.s. 5 HOURS of Studying today!!!...and it's only Monday:)...well technically Tuesday looking at the after midnight thing.