Sunday, November 18, 2012

Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial: Chapter:5

19.5 hours studying this week, could be better, could be worse. Wednesday after shoeing alot of horses out in the cold, I could only stay awake for 1 hour, that really messed up my times this week, by the way I shoe horses if you didn't know.

I never did hear back about the 'gosu' Gem for the shooting game, I think I'll e-mail Alberto about it this coming week (don't wanna' be a jerk:)) I 've been doing the Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial this past week, I've been going through it painstakingly slow, trying to absorb as much info as possible. I am really enjoying it, I'm just now starting Css, starting Chapter 5.

I 've also got my brother Cody on board with ROR as well, this past week he's started studying as well, tomorrow after church we're gonna' meet up at Panera and study for 2-3 hours, maybe work on the 'gosu' Gem game, not sure yet.

Really enjoying this Ruby on Rails learning Journey. I figure if I can put in enough hours, handle enough errors, and problems while still enjoying it then it's just a matter of time till I can start building some stuff. I'm thinking of making my own blog as my first project, not 100% on that yet.-Till tomorrow- Josh