Sunday, November 11, 2012

End of week: Reading "Pro Git"

While I'm waiting tot hear back about the 'gosu' game code errors, I decided to go back to the Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial and try slowly going through that. Well last time I had SSh key errors, turns out I somehow deleted them even though I thought I was just checking if I had some, apparently I deleted them.

So now I'm getting an error while trying to push to Github, so I've decided to read "Pro Git" and really try to understand Git better, instead of trying to avoid it.

On the good side, I did my first ever Github Repository Clone. Needless to say I was very impressed and proud of myself and the mad skills I am slowly developing:)

 When I hear back about the code errors on the 'Gosu' gem game, then I will finish that, I very close to done.

I finished my 3 week of ROR training with a solid 23.5 hours of study, much better than my previous 14.5 hours, which brings my grand total for 3 weeks up to 52.5 hours!!!- Till tomorrow -Josh Kemp