Saturday, November 10, 2012

3 hours later...Not done, trying to fix an error:)

So all was going fine and dandy, with the 'gosu' tutorial, till i got an error on lesson 9, yesterday.
I have spent all day today trying to find out how to fix it.

I have deleted my folder and started the tutorial over from scratch 3 times, hoping to get pats it that way, if I had made an error, I even copied and pasting everything from the tutorial into my text editor to no avail. Thankfully Alberto Morales from the Reston Rails Meetup has been so kind as to look at the code and let me know, what's wrong with it.

So grateful for the help of a seasoned developer to come along side and help a total noob like me:)

I'll let you know what happens tomorrow, or when I hear back. I'm going to play around with the Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial for the next hour, as I am too burnt out from the last 3 hours to fiddle with the 'gosu' gem anymore:)- Till tomorrow - Josh