Friday, November 9, 2012

Almost done 'Ruby4kids' Tutorial 'Gosu' Gem

I've done much better studying this week, I'm currently sitting at 16 hours for the week. I studied 3 hours today. It's amazing how much time you can spend on trying to fix an error or a text editor that's not working, and it's just as amazing how much you can get done when everything is working. I was on Chapter 2 of the game yesterday, and I finished tonight on Chapter 10, not 100% done, because I'm still getting an error, I will figure out what I typed wrong tomorrow.

I'm going slowly through this tutorial, and I'm hand coding it in , not copying and pasting it, cause I'm trying to feel a little better at fixing errors, understanding Ruby a little better and just really learning and not just zipping through something. I like the tutorial so far.

I think after 'Ruby4kids" I think I'll go back and finish 'Learn to Program' by Chris Pine, I'm just finishing Chapter 9 except I still have to do the exercises, there are 15 chapters total, so roughly 2/3 done, that's not too bad.

I forgot to mention, I really need to work on my typing form and speed at some point, one of the most embarrassing things about going to the Rails Meetups is getting left behind, just do to the simple fact I'm "hunting and pecking" and everyone else is actually typing, and not even thinking about it. Not sure if I should start doing that now, or down the road as I feel more confident in actual coding, i usually do better when I focus on 1 thing at a time.

I don't know, let me know if anyone has any ideas or good courses, because I suck at typing:) - Josh