Tuesday, November 6, 2012

First Rails Meetup = Awesome!!!

Went to my first Rails Meetup yesterday. I learned more in 3 hours there then a week on my own! I'm so energized to go to the next Reston Meetup. I've now joined the D.C. Rails Meetup, and the Arlington Rails Meetup as well as the Reston Rails Meetup.

I am taking a pause on Chris Pine's book "Learn to Program" and instead I'm going to: ruby4kids.com/gosu/the-game-window. I'm taking a break, to practice writing Ruby code more, and the reason for that is Ruby expert Alberto Morales recommended it to me as a good idea, so that's what I'm going to do for now.

I studied 6 hours Yesterday, so I'm really happy about that. Excited to go to the Arlington Rails Meetup for the first time tomorrow. I also just signed up for "Code retreat" December 8th, * hours of intense learning.

I'm excited to be learning ROR....time to code:) Josh