Sunday, November 25, 2012

Finished Chapter 5 of Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial!!!

End of the week, can't wait for tomorrow. Just finished Chapter 5 of Michael Hartl's Rails Tutorial, totally getting WAY more than when I sped through it before. I 've heard it said by more than 1 person that the Tutorial should take at least 60 hours, I've heard others say 100. after doing it more than once I would say that 60-100 hours seems about right depending on your skill level. The main reason it takes so long besides it being over 500 pages long is how many errors you end up having and how good/quick you are at googling, finding the right answer? I swear that's 50%-60% of your time.

I am getting addicted to errors now though, because every time I figure out another error I feel like I am just that tiny bit closer to knowing more and being a full stack RoR developer, Silly I know but I seriously liked pair programming with my brother Cody the other day and working on errors he got and swap back and forth.

So here's the end of the 5th week totals 19hours this week. 94.5 hours total!!!- Tomorrow-Josh