Monday, December 24, 2012

Mobile App Part: 4

I'm beginning to get a slight understanding of how this whole MVC thing works. I just fell asleep while working on my app it's 12:37a.m. relatives are staying with us for Christmas so it's been hard to study, I failed on my hours this week only 16. Next week should be better, gotta' get them up, the Holidays are just tough with people over trying not to be rude. Anyway been playing around with trying to make a Rss Reader app. Totally destroyed what little I had working, but hey I feel a little better navigating through an app now. I love coding and I can't wait for tomorrow, I'm hoping to sneak out and study before I go to my Aunt's tomorrow. Work hard people time's a wasting:)

I'm beginning to really love this whole MVC Framework, it seems like down the road it will seem simpler and easier to understand other apps you see. I'm working on how to get a link to actually be clickable on the mobile app, and go somewhere when you click on it.-Josh