Monday, December 17, 2012

End of week 7 Ruby on Rails 6 month learning journey

I put up 20.5 hours for the week, .5 hr short of my weekly goal. Good news is I accomplished a lot this last week, I installed the Rhomobile platform, made my first mobile app, and got through almost 4 chapters of: "Rhomobile Beginner's Guide". All in all I felt productive this week.

I realized last night that I will be book hopping more and more from this point on, I am now at the point where I really do need to know more of the Ruby language to be able to get through errors, and to get programs to work.

This week I basically have 1 goal: Work on my mobile app, however that now may invoke flipping through the Michael Hartl Rails Tutorial, the Learning to Program (basic Ruby) book, as the need arises.

I find that I get bored with just straight tutorials, I need to make real life projects and have a issue to work through that is real to me, and then hunt down the answer. Right wrong or indifferent, that seems like how my mind wants to learn, at least for now.

                                                    END OF WEEK 7 TOTALS:

WK 8 DEC 10th- Dec.16th 

Monday =    4 hours
Tuesday=     3hours
Wednesday=     2.5hours
Thursday=     4hours
Friday=     0hours
Saturday=     3hours
Sunday=             4hours

Week 8 total Dec. 10th-16th  = 20.5 hours


Feeling good about this whole RoR coding thing:) My brother Cody is now done all his college finals, he's taking the next semester off to do this learning journey with me. With Cody's time freed up more now, he has to do a minimum of 21 hours per week as well, so hopefully that should help both of us grow quicker.

ONE FINAL NOTE: We are going to be entering the Hackathon:

Hack TCNJ 2013 
March 16th-17th, 2013 in Ewing, NJ

Whether we win, lose or get last. I don't care, we are entering and going to go do this. So as prep work for the hackathon. Cody and I are pair programming together every Sunday and starting in January he will be coming with me every Thursday to the " Open Space Hack Night", My goal is t have us working as a really good team, so we won't waste a lot of time at the Hackathon in N.J. Wish us luck, we'll need it :) - Josh Kemp