Thursday, December 27, 2012

Zed Shaw's: Learn Ruby The Hard Way: Lesson 21

11 days and counting till Berkeley x's Ruby on Rails course starts. I can't begin to tell you how excited I am about this upcoming opportunity to  learn the exact same course as those taught at Berkeley. I'm on lesson 21 of Zed Shaw's: Learn Ruby The Hard Way, There are 55 Lessons in the book and I want to complete them all by January 7th, when the Ruby on Rails course starts.

I'm hoping to also go finish Chris Pine's: Learn To Program Book, and go through it again. I want to have the main Ruby concepts fresh in my mind so as to give myself to the best shot of completing the Berkeley x course.

I will say that after studying for a little while now, there is a big difference between just reading through something and really understanding a new concept. I feel like it is more important to steadily grow your knowledge bank slowly, rather than say you completed 50 tutorials in the same time. I seem to better when I get to actually code out the example's and then play around with them a little , which is one thing I like about Zed Shaw's book, he really gets you to think about what you are doing and not just be a robot who types in code and then has no idea what it does.

I highly recommend any and all of Zed Shaw's books they have been a tremendous resource to me, I've completed his Learn The Command Line The Hard Way, which was very good.-Josh