Wednesday, December 26, 2012

edX: CS169.1x: Software as a Service

I am so excited. I've signed up for Berkeley x's CS169.1x course, class starts January 7th. I'm working on Zed Shaw's learn Ruby the Hard Way book, I'm on Lesson 15. I know this class is probably going to be way over my head by I don't care I want to take it so bad, and I figure it requires 12 hours per week, I can give at least 21 hours per week, my brother Cody is taking it as well so that will help I am sure.

I really want a more structured learning format that has intensive learning, time will tell. I had a great Christmas with my wife and little boys (Ben & Ian) they had a blast. Ben is 3 and Ian is 1. Hope everyone had a great holiday.

Now back to studying people no more dilly dallying time to get some serious studying down:)-Josh